St. Michael’s Camp is located along the beautiful shores of the Benito Subdivision at Madge Lake in the Duck Mountain Provincial Park, in eastern Saskatchewan.  The camp is situated 20 minutes east of Kamsack, 1.5 hours north east of Yorkton, 3.5 hours north east of Regina and 4 hours east of Saskatoon.  The new facilities at St. Michael’s Camp will provide state of the art amenities suited for school groups, retreats, conferences, outdoor education, workshops and leadership training, family reunions and weddings.

Our central building which includes the dining hall, kitchen, bathrooms and 11 hotel rooms was constructed in 2016.  Its spacious design will suit the needs of any group large or small!  The dining hall will accommodate 225 people and is equipped with rectangular tables and chairs.  The dining hall also includes the washrooms with showers.  The modern kitchen facilities have all you will need host any event!  The kitchen is equipped with a microwave, walk in cooler, 2 stand-alone coolers, 2 upright freezers, gas griddle, gas range, electric range as well as kitchenware, tableware and utensils for the use of renters.  The dining hall is home to a small stage as well as a sound system that can be utilized by the renter.

There are 10 hotel rooms each fully furnished with a private bathroom.  Each room will sleep 5 people.  Please bring your own bedding for your stay.  In addition, there is 1 fully accessible room with a hide-a-bed couch (queen size) and a double bed.

We have two summer buildings that are furnished with bunk bed frames and mattresses.  The buildings are typically utilized for large groups (ex: school groups and summer camps) but could also be used to accommodate families or small groups.

We have the beautiful Holy Eucharist Catholic Church, which was moved from Pelly, Saskatchewan to its new home at St. Michael’s Camp in 2007.  The wooden pews are stacked with Ukrainian Catholic Liturgical Books as well as Hymn Books to be used for any services held.

We have a private dock which can be used to enter the water on a canoe or kayak, however the shallow, treed area is not suitable for boat launching or swimming.

We have 3 canoes along with kayaks and paddleboards that can be rented by groups using the facility.    We also have an asphalt surfaced, enclosed tennis court for recreational use.  In the centre of camp is a fire pit area that can be used by rental groups.  Firewood will be provided.


Rental rates are based on one rental day being one overnight. Please see Rate Schedule

***All prices subject to change without notice. ***


Available summer recreation in the Duck Mountain Provincial Park include:

Mini Golf Course, Madge Lake Golf Resort (18 holes), Madge Lake Riding Stables, Bicycling, Nature Trails, Fishing, Swimming, Boat Launch, Tennis Courts & Interpretive Centre.

Winter Recreation includes snow mobile trails, cross country ski trails, toboggan hill, skating rink and the Duck Mountain Ski Hill.

The Duck Mountain Resort is open all year round.  Amenities are open seasonally and must be booked through each agency. See  for more information.


    • $350/24hr period. Includes kitchen and hall. Suites are $50/night and bunkhouse $10/pp/night.
    • $125/night/suite. NO ACCESS to kitchen or hall.
  • EVENT RENTAL (Weddings, Reunions, Family Gatherings, Dances, etc.)
    • $700/day for kitchen and hall. $100/night/suite.
    • 3rd Party Liability Insurance Form must be completed and submitted to Provincial Park Office
    • Proof (copy) of 3rd Party Insurance.
  • FULL PACKAGE RATE (full run-of-house)
    • $3725 for 3 nights of FULL ACCESS to complete facilities: including kitchen, hall and rooms.
    • $700/day. NO ACCESS to suites.
  • BUNK HOUSE (Common dorm building)
    • $10/per person per night. This includes access to bathrooms and showers in main building.
    • $50/trailer/night. This includes access to bathrooms and showers in main building.
      NOTE: there will be NO electricity or water hookups permitted!
    • Trailers must be parked in designated area, with advance permission.
    • Daily Park Provincial Park fee for trailer/camper required (to be paid at park office).

ADITTIONAL FEES (which may be applicable)

  • Cleaning Fee
    • $125 for ALL RENTALS (this includes up to 4hrs of cleaning). Additional charge of $25/hr for each hour above the basic cleaning fee.
  • Boat Rental
    • $25/day for canoes, kayaks, and paddle boards.
  • Water Hauling Fee (during winter: Oct through to the park opening)
    • $100/rental to truck in water during the winter months.
  • Sewage/Septic Fee
    • $0.10/gallon to haul septic waste, if required.
  • Event 3rd Party Insurance (at your own expense)
    • 3rd Party Liability Insurance must be acquired on your own from a broker, with proof of policy supplied to St. Michael’s Camp and the Provincial Park Office (and their forms to be completed).

Please read this policy section in its entirety, sign acceptance and agreement of the following when submitting your application

  1. Rentals are accepted on a first-come, first served basis and are accepted throughout the year.
  2. Michael’s Ukrainian Catholic Church Camp Inc. is not a commercial enterprise like a getaway resort or hotel. We are a non-profit organization, operated by the St. Michael’s Ukrainian Catholic Church Camp Inc.  Rental groups must bring their own bedding and clean the facilities when they leave, which helps us to keep the costs minimal for each group.
  1. The Damage/Cancellation Deposit must accompany the Rental Reservation Form to confirm your booking. Please submit the deposit promptly to ensure your booking.  Your rental dates will confirmed within two weeks of receipt of the application.
  2. Renters will be held responsible and billed for damage to any buildings and/or equipment beyond normal wear and tear or any missing items.
  3. Renters will supply their own kitchen food supplies and medical supplies. Your group will be provided access to a deep freeze/freezer as well as the walk-in cooler/fridge. These appliances are NEVER to be unplugged at any time!
  4. Do not cut or pull-down trees or shrubs. Use the firewood provided, or available for purchase. You will be provided with an initial supply of firewood; if required, additional firewood will be available for purchase.  We thank-you for your co-operation in this regard.
  5. There is a fire pit provided for your use, please do not dig any additional pits. Fires are to be built in the designated area only and under adult supervision. PLEASE EXTINGUISH ALL FIRES COMPLETELY BEFORE RETIRING OR WHEN NOT IN USE.
  6. We ask that you follow local laws regarding smoking; please check with the Caretaker as to the location of the designated smoking area within the camp facility outside.
  7. Illegal drugs are not allowed on the St. Michael’s Camp Site.  If there is suspicion of possession/use of illegal drugs by your group during your rental event, your group will be asked to leave immediately, without a refund. Please note, cannabis usage on St. Michael’s Camp property is prohibited.
  8. If your group plans to have alcohol on the premises, we ask that you follow the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Laws (including the need for a SK liquor permit).  IF, in the opinion of the St. Michael’s Camp representative, your group is in violation of any of the laws, your group will be asked to leave (without refund).  A copy of the liquor permit must be submitted to us no later than one week prior to the start of the rental date and displayed properly at your event.
  9. Please respect the Park’s quiet time of 11:00pm. No outside music or noise after this time.
  10. Please switch off lights when not in use and be sure to close doors when leaving buildings and return tables and chairs to original placements, unless otherwise instructed.
  11. Please respect the natural environment at camp by: 1) not removing or defacing natural growth; 2) leaving the grounds clean and in order. Use of any type of markings, tape, etc. are discouraged or alternately must be removed.
  12. Please bring a cell phone with you for your use while at Camp (cellular coverage is available). There is a telephone located in the kitchen of the central building but, is primarily for use of St. Michael’s Camp Programs, unless in the case of emergency.
  13. If your group is planning to rent the canoes, or other recreational equipment, we ask for your co-operation in the careful handling all of the equipment to avoid unnecessary damage. Any damages would result in additional cost to your group. Lifejackets are required.
  14. Your group is responsible to provide supervision for any and all activities while at camp.
  15. RV’s or trailers are restricted to the designated “un-serviced” area on St. Michael’s grounds (and only with advance permission) and limited to a maximum of 6 units. Any “event tents” are strictly prohibited on the premises.
  16. Please call your St. Michael’s representative immediately with any problems that arise with the electrical or plumbing systems. Requests for other staff would be in addition to the rental rates and must be arranged for well in advance.
  17. Upon arrival at the camp and prior to your departure, a representative from your group will be asked to accompany a representative of St. Michael’s Camp on a quick tour of the area(s) you will be using/used to ensure everything is ready. A checklist will be used to confirm the condition of the area(s) during both tours. It is requested that the same representative be able to do the check-in and check-out.
  18. At the closing of your camp, see that all buildings are cleaned and tidy and all garbage removed from each room. More information will be provided once your rental has been confirmed.
  19. At the end of your stay, a Rental Information Sheet must be completed with the representative of St. Michael’s Camp before your departure, for billing purposes. Payment is due upon departure, following the joint inspection. Should there be any additional cleaning fees, sewage fees, or damage charges, it will be applied to your $250 damage/cancellation fee. If it exceeds this amount, your group will be billed, and payment is due upon receipt of the invoice.
  1. Event rentals must provide sufficient liability insurance for their group; a Comprehensive General Liability Insurance is required covering the liability of the Rental Group for bodily injury and property limit of liability of not less than $2,000,000.00 for any one accident or occurrence. The Rental Group shall provide a Certificate of Insurance as evidence of the insurance no less than one week prior to the start of the rental.  Failure to do so will result in cancellation of the event and loss of the damage/cancellation deposit.
  2. Any rental group wishing to rent kitchen facilities must also provide proof of at least one adult having Food Safety Certification.
  3. Event rentals must fill out the Ministry of Parks, Culture and Sport Third Party use of Institutional Camps form (provided through the park office).

**We reserve the right to refuse service to groups whose purpose and activities conflict with St. Michael’s Camp’s purpose and mission statements, which are available upon request**


  • All buildings and recreational sites shall be maintained in a clean and safe operating manner
  • All groups must clean-up before departure and return all tables and chairs to original state
  • Upon departure the following clean-up is required:
    • Yard and Hall: same way as arrival
    • Complete Rental Agreement Check-in/Check-out Checklist



Guest Groups are required to designate a qualified adult to dispense first aid supplies.

First aid supplies are located in the central building (kitchen area & cloak room)

Medical services are located at:                         Kamsack Union Hospital
341 Stewart Street Kamsack, SK
Telephone:  306-542-2635


Follow the emergency evacuation procedures for the camp that are posted in all the buildings.
There are 5lb fire extinguishers located at every entrance (7 in total).  There is also a fire suppression system over the cooking area in the kitchen.  Please familiarize yourself with how these things operate.  In case of Emergency dial 9-1-1.

St. Michael’s Camp
Box 128 Kamsack, Saskatchewan S0A 1S0, Canada

Camp Facility Rental Inquiries:

E-Transfer/Payments Email:


Facebook Page:



The Holy Eucharist Catholic Church is situated at St. Michael’s Camp, however for permission to use the church please contact:

Ukrainian Catholic Eparchy of Saskatoon:
Very Rev. Joakim Rac
306-563-5148 or

Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Regina:
Very Rev. Joseph Kuruvilla, MST


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