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It’s So Much Fun Here!

There are so many things to do and places to go at St. Michael’s Camp.

Come check out our new residence building (Wheelchair Accessible)

Enjoy the evening atmosphere around the campfire

Get some exercise on the water in the canoes

Relax on the beach or get moving with some volleyball

Score some goals in soccer or dunk on your friends at the hoops

Some Amenities of Madge Lake Area

St. Michael's Camp - Nestled into the heart of Madge Lake








There is much to do around St.Michael’s Camp area, within the Duck Mountain provincial park.

  • Hiking trails directly out of the camp’s grounds
  • Numerous Duck Mountain Provincial Park Hiking trails & lodges (Search Fen trail, others)
  • Pickerel Point Beach (5 min drive, 15 min walk)
  • Ministik Beach (10 min drive)
  • Madge Lake Golf Course (10 min drive)
  • Fuel Stop, Mini-Golf & Ice-Cream Store (12 min drive)
  • Duck Mountain Lodge (10 min drive)
  • Duck Mountain Ski Hill (Winter only – 20 min drive)

St. Michael's Camp Exterior

St. Michael's Camp Exterior Grounds







St. Michael’s Camp is located on just about 9 acres on the shore of Madge Lake.
It is accessible by fully-paved provincial park roads, located in the BENITO sub-division of Duck Mountain Provincial Park

  • Lake-front view and access to Madge Lake
  • Soccer field with goal posts
  • Paved & fenced basketball court
  • Designated fire pit area
  • Holy Eucharist (Ukrainian & Roman-Catholic) Church
    • Able to host about 100 people
  • Shed area with watersports storage area (Kayaks, canoes, life jackets)
  • Acres of woodlands and lake-front to explore nature, which connects to some of Madge Lake’s hiking & walking trails

St. Michael's Camp Dorms

St. Michael's Camp Dorms

St. Michael’s is a co-ed camp, with dorms separated by the commons field. Both boys and girls dorms have counsellor rooms attached.

With both dorms able to host up to 40 children, St. Michael’s camp has just upgraded the dorm’s bunk-beds and now includes mattresses for the kids to use during camp.

St. Michael's Camp Hall

St. Michael's Camp Dining Hall

St. Michael’s camp has a fully furnished hall with fully equipped kitchen, preparation area, and walk-in cooler. The hall is fully heated and can be used in Winter, with sufficient parking spots for any event.
The hall is wheel-chair accessible.

Attached to the hall (but separated by lockable doors) is a sleeping area, with 11 full suite rooms that can be used by guests as well. These suites have can sleep up to 4 (or more) with bunk beds and full separate bathrooms.

The hall is equipped with an air exchange system to improve comfort for summer events as well. (not to be confused with air conditioning)

Within the hall facilities and bathrooms, there are a set of both males/female bathrooms and showers within the building.

St. Michael's Camp Hall Residence (11 suites)

St. Michael's Camp Hall Residence

Built directly into the hall building, there are 11 furnished suites that can be used as part of a facility rental. These suites are connected directly to the hall, and provides separation from the common hall area  through lockable doors.
These rooms have bunk-beds (with 2 bunk beds per room), as well as full bathrooms for each room. Generally 5 can be slept to each room.

Statue of St. Michael the Arch-Angel & Wings

St. Michael the Arch-Angel statue & Wings

In 2015, a statue of St. Michael the Arch-Angel was donated to St.Michael’s Camp. There is special history to this statue that was made in Ortisei, Italy in between Fall 2015 and Spring 2016. It is from the 5th generation studio of Ferdinand Stuflesser, established in 1875.

This statue gives focus on St. Michael’s Camp’s spiritual background, and is a very special part of St.Michael’s camp’s history.

The Angel wings were an additional donation from generous donations to provide each child with their own angel wings when they visit St. Michael’s camp.

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