Send a Kid To Camp…Be a Sponsor

Change a Life!!

Just $40/day will send a child to camp or $300 for one week. One camp experience will positively change a child’s life forever.

Children are our future, and the skills learned and relationships fostered at so many camps throughout the country are often life-changing stepping stones on the road to adulthood. Children come to camp from all walks of life, eager to learn, yearning to make new friends, ready to take on new challenges and discover gifts they didn’t know they had.

Please consider helping out children that are less fortunate and need some assistance in getting to camp this summer.  Even a small amount can go a long way!

Financial Assistance

We are always reaching out to organizations and other charities to help us reach children and families of all abilities.  If you need some help in financing some or all of the registration fees, please complete our assistance form and we will do our best to help out as much as we can.

Contact St. Michael's Camp!

Hello, we'd love to hear from you. Whether you are an excited parent looking to send your kids to camp or planning a special event in a well-equipped hall and venue, we will ensure to getting in touch with you soon.

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