Ways to Give to St.Michael’s Camp Programming

1. Direct Donation

A few options are available to donate directly to St.Michael’s Camp. This often ensures the full value of the donation goes towards improving and ensure St.Michael’s Camp programming remains a viable organization, as it is a non-profit organization.

via E-transfer

Sending a donation by e-transfer is a convenient way to make a huge difference.
Simply send the e-transfer to camp@stmichaelscamp.com.
Accompany the e-transfer with a separate email to camp@stmichaelscamp.com with the e-transfer password and full donator’s name and address (for tax-receipt & identity purposes)


Send cheque to:
St. Michael’s Camp
Box 128
Kamsack, Saskatchewan
S0A 1S0

PayPal (Online, Tax-Deductible upon Request)

You can also send secure donations via PayPal (we pay a small transactions fee).  Simply login to your PayPal account and send your donation to stmichaelscamp5@gmail.com.  A Tax-Deductible receipt will be provided to you upon request.

2. Donation via SARCAN DROP-N-GO(Saskatchewan Residents Only)

You can donate your recyclable beverage containers at SARCAN to St. Michaels Camp using Drop and Go!

  1. Remove lids and rinse the beverage containers
  2. Put in a bag and tie off
  3. Bring them to your local SARCAN depot
  4. Use the drop and go Kiosk
  5. Log in with the camp phone number 306-542-3098
  6. Print the same number of stickers as bags you are dropping off
  7. Attach sticker to each bag and put in designated area

That’s all!   Thank you for your generous support!

3. Canada Helps (Online, Tax-Deductible)

By clicking on the image below, you will be directed to a secure online donations page, hosted by Canada Helps.  Canada Helps is a free to use service that facilitates online, tax-deductible, contributions to St. Michael’s Camp, at no extra cost to you.

Thank you for considering making a donation using Canada Helps.

4. Donate your time

Consider making a donation of your time by applying and acting on the board, volunteering for ongoing projects or even for active roles during the camp season. This can also be a good way for you to spend your time while you are at camp, helping with bettering the camp for all.

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