Youth Camp (Ages 8-13)

Come join us for a memorable summer of fun filled activities!  Our youth enjoy cultural and religious programming that help foster an environment of respect, compassion and belonging.  There are also several aquatic and sports activities to enjoy the outdoors and keep active.

Keeping warm by the fire


Generally, we can bring the older campers with counsellors to an overnight hike, staying in a cabin in the woods. With the younger campers, there are a choice of hiking trails surrounding St.Michael’s Camp that are suitable for the younger campers.


Even our youngest campers learn how to shoot a bulls-eye. We also play fun games like tic-tac-toe, shoot at balloons, and compete in tournaments for points.

Waterfront Play

St. Michael’s Camp located on the banks of Madge Lake which offers one of the best natural swimming areas in the Park. We have many different activities that our campers can enjoy on our waterfront.

Fun Swimming at the Beach(es)

St. Michael’s Camp goes daily to one of the main beaches on Madge Lake. Pickerel Point beach, or Ministik Beach. Both have tons of sand and grass to play on, as well as a healthy assortment of playground equipment and facilities.

Often water-adventures inflatable slides and climbing equipment are attended as a camp, so check during registration if this might be available this year.

Learning to Canoe at St.Michael's Camp

Learn to Canoe & Kayak

In canoeing, campers learn how to paddle and steer their canoes. Once they learn the basic skills, campers get to canoe along further the lakeside.  Life jackets are required for canoeing. Every waterfront activity is under the close supervision of our camp counselors and adult camp leaders.

St. Mikes is located in a nice bay that doesn’t get too many waves, making it a perfect place to learn to how to canoe and kayak, and safely raise a child’s independence and responsibility out on a body of water.


Coordinated sports enjoyed at the majestic St. Michael’s Camp include baseball, frisbee, tennis, basketball and beach volleyball.   These sports are set that everyone can have fun and succeed. Everyone has a blast playing their favorite sports or learning new ones! Play Ball!

Sports at St.Mikes Camp


Each year of camp brings in new crafts to learn, as well as bring back camp favorites. From wood projects, to yarn-work, learning Ukrainian Cultural crafts (pysanky, decorating traditional hats, etc) are on a beginning of what crafts might be in store for campers.


Painting with acrylics, practice on paper, and finally create your own artwork on canvas! You will learn different brush strokes, how to mix your own paint, and even paint landscapes of camp! Often these will be full camp activities for large projects.

Painting and Crafts at St. Mikes
Kolomayka at St.Mikes


Although there is no formal dance lessons, there is always a Kolomayka around our campfire where all the campers can learn and showcase some Ukrainian Dance moves.

Indoor Activities and Games

While we can’t control the weather, we can always have a tried and favorite set of indoor games to play in the large hall during inclement weather. Kids will kept busy with new games to learn and play.

Painting and Crafts at St. Mikes

Doing Dishes

Ooops! This might be more fun for the parents to know, but each camping group will take turns being responsible for doing dishes for a day, including cleaning up after meals. While this might not be the most fun sounding part of camp, it is an incredible to see the kids grow in their independence and responsibility as a team.

Religious Activities

Religious activities are incorporated into many of the activities like crafts, as well as daily prayer and divine liturgies.  These activities normalize an active faith life with their peers, providing a greater Ukrainian Catholic foundation.

St Michaels Camp Photo
Singing around the fire

Campfire Songs & Games

As long as weather permits, we will have outdoor campfire songs before bed. Singing in a group to some of the best camp songs in existence will ensure the kids are having fun and learning new songs together.

Horse-back Riding

Depending on the year, and general size & age of the kids, St. Michael’s will often bring the kids for horseback trail ridings. This is always a highlight for kids and a first-time opportunity for most. It is dependent on the availability of bookings and weather, so always contact the camp administrator to see whether horse-back riding is on the agenda this year.

Horseback riding at Madge Lake
St Michaels Camp Photo

And more…

Some of the best and long-lasting memories are the ones that are not in a schedule. From certain games used to fill time between activities, to ones that are planned as surprises for the Campers, rest assured the kids will have lasting memories and friendships from St.Mikes.

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