Winter Camp (Ages 9-15)

Come join us for a memorable winter week fun filled activities in the snow!

Downhill Skiing

Come ski the Duck!  There is nothing like a fun-filled day on the slopes on the hills at the Duck Mountain Ski Area.

Cross-Country Skiing

Great nature views and crisp clean air…a great experience in the beautiful outdoors at Madge Lake.

Playing on the Ice (safely)

Aside from skating, there are other activities that can be done on the ice.


Let’s see how fast you can slide down the hill!  Everyone loves an afternoon of sliding down the hill!


Some good ol’fashioned skating on the lake…a great experience in the middle of the great outdoors. Bring your skates!

Winter Sports

Coordinated sports enjoyed at the majestic St. Michael’s Camp include shimmy (hockey) and other sports that can be enjoyed in the winter air.   These sports are set that everyone can have fun and succeed. Everyone has a blast playing their favorite sports or learning new ones! Play Ball!

Ice Fishing

Reel in that big one and swap fishing stories with hot chocolate to warm up!

Indoor Activities and Games

While we can’t control the weather, we can always have a tried and favorite set of indoor games to play in the large hall during inclement weather. Kids will kept busy with new games to learn and play.

Doing Dishes

Ooops! This might be more fun for the parents to know, but each camping group will take turns being responsible for doing dishes for a day, including cleaning up after meals. While this might not be the most fun sounding part of camp, it is an incredible to see the kids grow in their independence and responsibility as a team.

Religious Activities

Religious activities are incorporated into many of the activities like crafts, as well as daily prayer and divine liturgies.  These activities normalize an active faith life with their peers, providing a greater Ukrainian Catholic foundation.

Campfire Songs & Games

As long as weather permits, we will have outdoor campfire songs before bed. Singing in a group to some of the best camp songs in existence will ensure the kids are having fun and learning new songs together.

And more…

Some of the best and long-lasting memories are the ones that are not in a schedule. From certain games used to fill time between activities, to ones that are planned as surprises for the Campers, rest assured the kids will have lasting memories and friendships from St.Mikes.

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