Teen Camp (Ages 13-17)

This is not your typical week away from home where anything goes. Teen camp is an activity-packed five-day experience for our campers. Guidance and spiritual growth comes from our “seasoned” camp professionals. Teen Camp is a cultural and spiritual experience with some projects and fun thrown in too! St. Michael’s Teen camp will give you the opportunity to meet new people, experience teamwork and find your inner leader. You will also have the chance to have some cultural experiences and some spiritual self development and growth.

Teen Camp Projects

The days at teen camp vary from day to day with different projects, trips and liturgical services.  Examples of past projects are travelling to a cemetery to do some maintenance work around the aging grave sites, visit the elderly and listen to their stories of when they were children, cleaning up around camp and preparing some food for youth camp.  All of these projects allowed us to learn about each other in different situations and settings.

Often these projects might include some hard work and different experiences, but they are often the most fulfilling part of growing into a young adult. Developing the confidence to do new things, figure out new responsibilities, and generally have a new guide on a sometimes confusing venture into adulthood.


Coordinated sports enjoyed at the majestic St. Michael’s Camp include baseball, frisbee, tennis, basketball and beach volleyball.   These sports are set that everyone can have fun and succeed. Everyone has a blast playing their favorite sports or learning new ones! Play Ball!

Sports at St.Mikes Camp
Canoeing at St. Mikes

Canoeing & Kayaking

Madge Lake has a variety of mixed areas, islands and other areas that are prime for extended canoeing trips. Visiting majestic areas that are only accessible by boat, and better appreciated when canoeing awaits campers.

Movie Night & Analysis

Often a choice movie will be watched as a group, with discussions on how it relates to being a teen, especially a Ukrainian Catholic teen.

Kids at Teen Camp
St Michaels Camp Photo

Religious Activities

At St. Michael’s we have opportunity to celebrate different liturgical services throughout the week, such as a Divine Liturgy, Moleben, Akathist and Vespers.  The staff rotate through leading sessions around our annual theme and our staff members have a special way of relating it to our faith and everyday experiences.  These sessions include discussion, question-and-answer and sharing of personal experiences.  The group takes time to reflect on the presentations and build on their spiritual self during this time.

Campfire Songs & Games

As long as weather permits, we will have outdoor campfire songs before bed. Singing in a group to some of the best camp songs in existence will ensure the kids are having fun and learning new songs together.

Singing around the fire

And more…

Much of Teen Camp programming is adjusted by the kids attending that year, projects that are started, or other factors that change with each Teen Camp Leader(s). This means each year the teens will always experience a new part of themselves coming back every year.

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