Truck Lotto Winners

Congratulations to all the winners!!!

Early Bird winner of $5000
Dustin Stewart – Medicine Hat

Draw winners of $500 were:
Merv Doering – Yorkton
Ricky Falkowsky -Yorkton
Ernie & Kathy Derworiz – Kamsack
Kevin Kluk – Yorkton
Melita Doell – Saskatoon
Terry Dennis – Canora
Gwen Fedorowich – Missisaga, ON
Ken Anderson – Atwater
Lorrie Grezuik – Foam Lake
Barry & Ruby Magnusson – Wynyard

Draw winners of $1000 were:
Brad & Shannon Vanin – Kamsack
David Dexter – Ituna
Curtis & Rose Maleschuk – Yorkton
Leslie Lang – Melville
Wayne & Tammy Rose – Regina

50/50 Winner of $11,520
Gerald & Debora Pozniak – Canora

Truck Winner
Vladimir Saitos – North Battleford

Once again Thank You for your support towards St. Michael’s Camp and please join us soon for the grand opening of our new facilities at Madge Lake. Date to be announced soon!!