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Friends, Sponsors & Donors of St. Michael’s Camp

St. Michael’s is a non-profit organization that relies on generous sponsors, donors and volunteers to provide successful programming and camp facilities. With this in mind, please thank and pray for the friends of St. Michael’s camp. This is list is not exhaustive. There are many incredible people that enrich St. Michael’s camp with their time and attention for the decades that is has been in existence.

Thank you!

Knights of Columbus and Parish Supporters

KofC Bishop Budka #5914

KofC Father Siry #6670

KofC Yorkton St. Mary’s #5182

St. Athanasius

St. Basil’s

St. Mary’s

St. Josaphat

Other parishes also support St. Michael’s camp programming through direct donations or through the Eparchial appeals, aiming to ensure sufficient funding is held to keep St. Michael’s a viable and enriching Ukrainian Catholic experience for generations to come.

Community Organizations and Community Member Supporters

Orest & Dianne Dedio

Rayner Agencies Ltd.

Barb & Leonard Kuschak

Helen Luciak

Donald Mackinnon & Marusia Kobrynsky

St. Basil’s Senior Citizens

Ernest & Kathleen Derworiz

Teresa Bendall Dedio

Ukrainian Catholic Brotherhood (Yorkton)

Curtis Maleschuk – Commercial Cleaning Chemicals

Derow & Fedorowich Families

Once again, to reitterate, there are countless other people that have kept St.Michael’s Camp operating and thriving through the decades. We thank you and pray for your health and longevity.

We pray for your safety, and Thank You for your generous support!
St. Michael the Arch-Angel, Protect us!

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