March 14, 2016

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Little Mike’s Camp Family Camp

Little Mike’s is a great way to introduce camp life to our little ones to get used to camping away from home with the security of their family being there too!  We have four days of fun and excitement that will stimulate the minds and bodies of these young barrels of energy.  The camp experience will give them the opportunity to meet some new friends and experience the beautiful outdoors that St. Michael’s Camp and Madge Lake has to offer.  We have 11 hotel style rooms with full bathrooms and as such can accommodate 11 families in their own private rooms.  This will allow for quiet family time after all of the excitement of the days.

Working Hard!

Winter Camp (Ages 10-15 co-ed)

Come join us for a memorable winter week fun filled activities in the snow!

Downhill Skiing

Come ski the Duck!  There is nothing like a fun-filled day on the slopes on the hills at the Duck Mountain Ski Area.

Cross Country Skiing

Great nature views and crisp clean air…a great experience in the beautiful outdoors at Madge Lake.


Let’s see how fast you can slide down the hill!  Everyone loves an afternoon of sliding down the hill!


Some good ol’fashioned skating on the lake…a great experience in the middle of the great outdoors.

Ice Fishing

Reel in that big one and swap fishing stories with hot chocolate to warm up!

Teen Camp (Ages 13-16)

This is not your typical week away from home where anything goes. Teen camp is an activity-packed five-day experience for our campers. Guidance and spiritual growth comes from our “seasoned” camp professionals. Teen Camp is a cultural and spiritual experience with some projects and fun thrown in too! St. Michael’s Teen camp will give you the opportunity to meet new people, experience teamwork and find your inner leader. You will also have the chance to have some cultural experiences and some spiritual self development and growth.


The days at teen camp vary from day to day with different projects, trips and liturgical services.  Examples of past projects are travelling to a cemetery to do some maintenance work around the aging grave sites, visit the elderly and listen to their stories of when they were children, cleaning up around camp and preparing some food for youth camp.  All of these projects allowed us to learn about each other in different situations and settings.


The recreation portion of the teen program consists of beach time, canoeing and kayaking, movie analysis and a little trek through the wilderness called “Beaver Quest.”


At St. Michael’s we have opportunity to celebrate different liturgical services throughout the week, such as a Divine Liturgy, Moleben, Akathist and Vespers.  The staff rotate through leading sessions around our annual theme and our staff members have a special way of relating it to our faith and everyday experiences.  These sessions include discussion, question-and-answer and sharing of personal experiences.  The group takes time to reflect on the presentations and build on their spiritual self during this time.

Youth Camp (Ages 8-13)

Come join us for a memorable summer of fun filled activities!  Our youth enjoy cultural and religious programming that help foster an environment of respect, compassion and belonging.  There are also several aquatic and sports activities to enjoy the outdoors and keep active.


Even our youngest campers learn how to shoot a bulls-eye. We also play fun games like tic-tac-toe, shoot at balloons, and compete in tournaments for points.


St. Michael’s Camp located on the banks of Madge Lake which offers one of the best natural swimming areas in the Park. We have two different activities that our campers can enjoy on our waterfront.

Fun Swim


Fun Swim is one of our most popular activities. Our waterfront has several different elements, all of which are open everyday.  We can take a break and relax on the beach and also have some fun in the sand.


In canoeing campers learn how to paddle and steer their canoes. Once they learn the basic skills, campers get to canoe along further the lakeside.  Life jackets are required for canoeing. Every waterfront activity is under the close supervision of our camp counselors and adult camp leaders.


Sports enjoyed at the majestic St. Michael’s Camp include baseball, frisbee, tennis, basketball and beach volleyball.  Everyone has a blast playing their favorite sports or learning new ones!


In Arts & Crafts you can paint almost any wood project you can imagine. We have animals, bird houses, wind twisters, letters, trays, and many more!


Painting with acrylics, practice on paper, and finally create your own artwork on canvas! You will learn different brush strokes, how to mix your own paint, and even paint landscapes of camp!


Although there is no formal dance lessons, there is always a Kolomanka around our campfire where all the campers can showcase their Ukrainian Dance moves.

Dance it Up


At St. Michael’s we offer diverse camp programs that are sure to find a match with your family and children.

When you come to camp remember 2 things:
1. RESPECT (for all people and the environment) is our number 1 rule.
2. You will have as much fun as you allow yourself– come ready to have fun!

Registration for Youth Camp:

TBD/child/week if registered before Early Bird Deadline

TBD/child/week if registered after Deadline

Registration for Teen Camp:

$250.00/child/week if registered before Early Bird Deadline

$275.00/child/week if registered after Deadline

Registration for Little Mike’s Camp:

$300.00/family if registered before Early Bird Deadline

$325.00/family if registered after Deadline

Registration for Winter Camp:

$250.00/child if registered before Early Bird Deadline.

$275.00/child if registered after Early Bird Deadline.


Canteen (suggested $10.00 per week)

Please visit and either email or print the form on the Registration Page!

Please make all cheques payable to: St. Michael’s Camp.

Alternatively, an email transfer can be sent to

Send a Kid To Camp…Be a Sponsor

Change a Life!!

Just $35 will send a child to camp for one day and $250 for one week. One camp experience can positively change a child’s life forever.

Children are our future, and the skills learned and relationships fostered at so many camps throughout the country are often life-changing stepping stones on the road to adulthood. Children come to camp from all walks of life, eager to learn, yearning to make new friends, ready to take on new challenges and discover gifts they didn’t know they had.

Please consider helping out children that are less fortunate and need some assistance in getting to camp this summer.  A little amount can go a long way!

Financial Assistance form:

Financial Assistance

We are always reaching out to organizations and other charities to help us reach children and families of all abilities.  If you need some help in financing some or all of the registration fees, please complete our assistance form and we will do our best to help out as much as we can.

Itineraries (May be subject to change)

We are looking forward to a wonderful camp this year for St. Michael’s Camp at Madge Lake.

We would like to pass on some information to you about registration and departure days for the week.  For parents dropping off children the park staff will issue a courtesy pass, which is only good for your vehicle to go directly to the camp and leave.  No other park facilities may be accessed.

Youth Camps

Arrival Sunday
3:00 – 4:00 pm – Registration
4:15 – 5:15 pm – Welcome Divine Liturgy
5:30 – 6:30 pm – Family BBQ and Goodbye


Departure Saturday
11:30 – 1:00 pm – Signing the board/Camp clean up/Pack-up/Lunch
1:00 – 1:30 –Slideshow
1:30 Departure from Camp


Teen Camp


Arrival Sunday
3:00 pm – Registration


Departure Saturday
11:30 – 1:00 pm – Signing the board/Camp clean up/Pack-up
1:00 pm – Departure from Camp


Little Mike’s Family Camp 


Arrival Sunday
3:00 – 4:00 pm – Registration


Departure Wednesday
11:30 – 1:00 pm – Signing the board/Camp clean up/Pack-up
1:00 pm – Departure from Camp